Japanese Besty Drunk

Him: I can see your laugh

Us: Oh you can see our laugh, or us laughing

Him: Just because I have small eyes doesn’t mean I can’t see your laugh

o.O We didn’t say anything… 


It’s been a while

So I know it’s been a while since I’ve said anything but HI!! I hope everyone’s summer has been going fantastic! Currently listening to Ed Sheeran :3 oh so wonderful and talented singer song writer ;)
So I got this job y’all! It’s awesome! Making good money working with wonderful people who make me smile and motivate me to do more with my life than I ever imagined.
Sadly though I’ll soon be heading back out to my respectful college and may not see them anytime soon. All the memories we’ve made this summer, the singing the dancing the smiles and laughter will be forever close to my heart :)

So why do I say this? Don’t be afraid try new things y’all. I started this summer off with so many doubts and worries, and I end it with new worries haha but positive ones that I know will lead me to some more greatness! Planning on opening my own office in Texas ;) how great would that be!?
As far as my dream guy, well the confusing one I hoped to fix things with this summer, never came around but tbh I didn’t are and am done. I’ve met plenty new guys :3 none yet that pull me away but potentials! :)

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